Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1  Where to do the promotion

You can put your link on the facebook, blog, forum, twitter, MSN, lookbook, youtube, myspace, dig, vkontakteetc.

How to do the promotion                                 

2) Post a thread on the forum or reply threads on the forum.( It can be more effective if the forum is about fashion clothes, accessories or something related to our products.) You must remember to put your link there,too.
3) Shoot a video and then upload it to the youtube or something like that, and then put your link on it.
4) Create a photo album which contains the photos of some attractive products from our site on your facebook and then put your link below it.
5) Putting the link on MSN or twitter by expressing your feeling.
6) Use the link as your signature on forums.
These are just suggestions and you can also find other places or ways to improve your promotion!

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