Monday, August 15, 2011

How a Blog Can Look Good And Earn Revenue with Banner Advertising

Look Good and Earn With Banner Ads

Many blogs fail to seize the many lucrative rewards that site-based advertising has to offer. Often, a blog owner will do nothing more than set up a Google Adsense account and fill their blog with uninteresting textual advertising. This is a huge mistake and a waste of valuable space.
Textual advertisements are regularly overlooked or ignored completely. They can look tacky and add no element of vibrancy or visual attraction to a blog. They provide nothing apart from the slim chance of earning a few dollars a month and this is doubtful.
If a blog owner is looking for an advertising outlet that will stimulate interest and provide additional revenue they should be heading in the direction of banner advertising.

Why Banner Ads Offer Enhanced Profitability

Banner ads are interesting. People are naturally drawn to images and while textual adverts are nothing more than a boring column of more text, banner adverts naturally attract a reader’s attention.
Images catch the eye. And the purpose of an advert is for people to actually notice it. Banner adverts will be noticed and are proven to be more successful. This means greater profit for the blog hosting the ads.

Greater Flexibility

Textual adverts are very limited in size and style. Banner advertisements come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be made to fit in with a blogs overall appearance, and can be used to break up long passages of text and slot into those awkward empty areas that lack content.

Professional Appearance

A banner advertisement will always look more appealing than a textual advert. A quality graphical advert can enhance the look of a blog, if correctly designed. Many companies spend a fortune on banner design and they have moved on a long way from the days of cheap flashing neon adverts.
Modern banner ads do not detract from blog content, they flow with it and readers will appreciate a blog that provides a valuable alternative resource that is relevant to their needs.

Increased Information

Banner advertisements often contain more information that simple textual adverts. They provide images of a product and offer more than a few oddly worded lines of text. With the advancement in Flash programming, banner adverts are now able to provide high-quality visual imagery that can seamlessly glide from screen to screen.
This multi-layered function allows banner advertisements to include a large amount of information in a very small space. Readers want to know what they are dealing with before they click on any advert and this is why banner adverts always outperform text ads.

Everyone’s a Winner

By choosing the right banner adverts for their readership and ensuring that these banners are both attractive and of a high design quality, a blog can provide its visitors with relevant products or services that will serve their needs.
Not only will a blog be increasing its overall revenue, it will be enhancing its appearance by adopting attractive, appealing imagery within the site.

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