Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Know More About Chinese New Year

We are coming back from the Chinese New Year(CNY)~!
During the Spring festival, I went home, staying together with my family and visiting my relatives, which has been the custom of CNY for a very long time.
Let me tell you more about the CNY.

The date of CNY is not according to the solar calendar,but the lunar calendar. Lunar calendar was created by ancient Chinese, which was caculated by the moon path around the earth.
CNY is on the 30th or 29th Dec of the lunar calendar. and the new year begins from the first day of the lunar calendar.
On 30th or 29th Dec of the lunar calendar, families will get together and have a big dinner. In the evening, people would keep awake and welcome the new year’s coming.

Fireworks is a must in the CNY, whoese chinese pinyin is chu xi. Chu xi means get rid of xi who is a monster in the old days. Setting off fireworks is to fear the monster. But now, fireworks ae used to make this festival lively. And now there are many kinds of colorful fireworks for people to get a amazing sightview.

Visiting relatives and friends is a custom in the CNY. At ordinary times, relatives and friends have rare time to get together. CNY give them a chance to get together and share happiness and sorrow with each other. Through this, the relationship between them became closer and closer. The CNY is just like a ribbon among people,linking them together, no matter how many years passed.

Yasuiqian, which means the money given to children as a lunar New Year gift. Parents and relatives give their own children or their nephews and nieces money to wish a good lucky for them in the new year. I got Yasuiqian when I was little, and now I should give Yasuiqian to children younger than me.

Antithetical couplet, duilian in Chinese Pinyin is also a must in the CNY. It’s written on two long strip red paper and one short strip red paper. The long ones are placed on the two sides of the door and the short one is placed on the top of the door. Words on the couplets means luck and fortune.
The Chinese New Year is the biggest festival for Chinese. And we value this festival so much.
I will tell you more if I get a chance~

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