Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing

Making money online is such a big issue now. We are trying large quantities of business models, some of which really work while some suck. I am thinking about affiliate marketing all day long, but few ideas come out. However, several days ago, something came to my mind.

First, I must tell you what I did.

That day, my friend and I went to a shop which provides skin care products. After the payment, the assistant gave us a beautiful envelop. When we went home, we found a big coupon leaflet, on which there are many coupon codes from different companies. After picking, we choose one shop and use the coupon code to place an order.

From this experience, an idea came to me. Affiliate marketing is not just business on some forums, SNS etc. We can also cooperate with some different industries, such as sites selling books. After someone finishes the order on book site, she will get a special link or code to get a discount on our site. If the client buys on our site, the book site will get commission. That’s the business model.

Now I can not prove this business model is right or not, but we can have a try any way.

If there are some companies or sites here, welcome to wholesale affiliate team and have further discussions.

To be Continued……

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