Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who can be our best affiliates?

Let's just get to the point!

If you own a site, it will be such a great chance to make money from us.
What kind of site do we need?

1.       Forums about shopping. eg.
If you permit, we can sponsor activities on your Forums. It can both attract more visitors and strengthen the relationship between you and your forum members. Also, our brand can be known by more people. This is a win-win strategy.

2.       Navigation site for shopping. eg.
We have been cooperating with many navigation sites. You just need to list our site on your website, and wait for money coming in.

3.       Coupon code site. eg.
We have two coupon codes for every month. You just need to put our coupon codes on your site, and wait for your money.

4.       Picture sharing site. eg.
If you own a picture sharing site, then congratulations! Just need to make sure that all products from are your affiliate links.

Many fashion bloggers show their beautiful looks or enjoyable life on Internet. And if you are one of them, you should know that you can make money from

We have been keeping a good relationship with a lot of fashion bloggers, and some of them start their career here.

But what if you are neither webmaster nor blogger?
Don’t worry. You can have your own way!
Do you like to hang out in forums? If you do, you can start there.

And you may like to share your pictures with others, then you can go to Picture sharing sites. About how to do affiliate on picture sharing site, we have several training videos for you:

Making money is never an easy job. I hope you can enjoy the journey and also the reward.

To be continued… ….

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