Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to Do Affiliate on Facebook I--Connect All Social Media Tools

I believe, everyone knows Facebook, even he never has an account on it. So it’s an excellent platform for you to start your business.

You must have read a lot of articles on the Internet about how to make money on Facebook, so I am just talking about one aspect here.

Use Social Media tools as much as possible.

For example, if you have join our affiliate program, you can use Facebook to make money. How about other sites?

We have several training about how to do affiliate, you can check it here:

Here, you can see two sites, Pinterest.com and Polyvore.com. These two sites are very popular now, and you can find your customers on them. Follow the steps I am telling you, if people click pictures you share and buy on jollychic.com, jollyhome.com and jollyoutdoor.com, you will get commission. It’s very easy.

Ok, let’s go to our main topic today.
Since you have a Facebook account, a Pinterest account and a Polyvore account, you can combine them all.

You can find the setting on the accounts:



You can also find other accounts you can connected with.
You know the world is big though, but we can also find people. Because things of this world are connected in ways known or unknown.

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