Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How Bloggers Make Money with Jolly Affiliate Program

If you are a blogger, you are in the right place. Here’s an program for you to make money with your blogs.

If you are a fashion blogger, reviewing products from fashion stores, then you can continue reading our money-makingplan for you.

What will you get?
1.       20$ (Just need to follow all steps in “How to get reward ”)
2.       If your promotions get orders for us, you will get commission. The commission ratio is 8%, which means if you bring us a 100$ order, you will get 8$ for reward.
3.       If you get us much traffic, you will get more.
Monthly Trafficvisitors
Above 2000
How to get reward?
1.       Apply for free samples here: If your application gets passed, you will get free sample weeks later.
2.       Join our Affiliate Program :
3.       Get the general link in your affiliate member center. (The general link is for homepage. If you want to use the item page, just replace homepage url with the item page url.)
When you need to use links to, please use your affiliate links, or traffic will not be recorded in your affiliate member center.
4.       Post a review about the free samples in your blog and use your affiliate links. (If you have done, just ignore it.)
5.       Post all your photos of the free sample to websites below:
You can also post your photos to other websites to get more traffic, just let us know. But only if you post photos to all three sites above, will you get the basic reward 20$.
6.       Send us all links you promote to email address:
7.       We will give you basic reward 20$ to your affiliate account when you finish all steps here.
8.       We will count traffic performance and give the reward you deserve in the end of the month.
9.       Reward from orders you bring will be given weekly.
10.   You can withdraw all your rewards to your own PayPal or Western Union account on 10th—20th of every month.

If you are a home-related blogger and outdoor-related blogger, it’s very easy to make money then.
1.       Sign up to be our affiliate:
2.       Go to Campaign and choose the one you want to promote.
3.       Get banners and links to promote.
4.       If you get visitors, you will see reports in your affiliate member center.
5.       CPC price is $0.1, which means if you bring us 1000 visitors, you will get $100.
6.       Payment will be made on 10th of every month.
7.       Payments methods: PayPal, Western Union.

If you want to build your own affiliate links for products you want to promote, please follow the instruction here:

New way to make money!

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