Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creating Your Own Affiliate Marketing Blog.

Out of the many online business models out there, affiliate marketing seems to be the most sought after one. Even then, there are literally hundreds of ways of doing affiliate marketing – from the classic PPC to social media. And within this range, lies having your own affiliate marketing blog.
Affiliate Marketing Blog – What Is It?
Let’s say your niche is weight loss. You set up a blog with posts on weight loss – tips, tutorials, videos etc. And then in your side bar, you can have small promotions for affiliate products, like a new weight loss ebook or supplement for example. And among your tips posts, you may do a review of some products and leave your affiliate links in the post so that they can buy if they want to.
Affiliate Marketing Blog – Is It Worth It?
Everything is worth it if you do it right. Having your own hosted blog on your own domain costs you $10 for the domain (per year) and $5 for hosting (per month). 15 bucks investment for a business? Try that in the offline world!
Of course, you need to invest time as well, to set it up and post content etc. But you want to know “if it works”, right?
Again, if you do it right, it does! Having an affiliate marketing blog does not mean setting up a quick wp blog and then posting “buy this, buy that” everyday! And this doesn’t work anyway! At least not long term.
What works instead is showing that you have a genuine knowledge in your niche. The idea here is to show your expertise to your target readers so that when you review a new product or recommend one, they feel that they have to buy it. Not because you want them to, but because they know it will help them (since an expert recommended it).
Affiliate Marketing Blog – Tips To Increase Conversions
First thing, stop trying to sell on your affiliate marketing blog in the first place. Instead, build a list. Offer something for free in exchange of your readers’ email. This way you can market to them again and again (as well as give them valuable tips or let them know that you have a new post on your blog). You can use an exit pop up or pop over to really draw their attention to that free offer.
Second, while you should try to be unbiased in your product reviews, make sure to explain to them why they have to buy it.
For example, if I were reviewing a new weight loss product geared towards the busy person, I’d make sure to say “You should definitely buy this product if you have a busy schedule leading your life and yet want to take care of your health!”.
This way, your readers will relate to the product and if busy people really decide to buy, it’s going to be a good investment for them, and they’ll owe it to your recommendation (of course, you collect the commission as well :P ).

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