Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Is Blogging & Why You Should Do It.

It’s always surprising to see how many so called seasoned internet marketers have no idea of what is blogging really. Many of them think that it’s just a waste of time talking about your life and boasting about yourself. However, blogging can be a powerful marketing system, if done right.
If you saw my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m big on providing value. And if you base the reason of your blogging around value, you will quickly understand how it can make you money.

What is blogging
Before we get into the big theory, let’s just talk a bit about what is blogging. A blog is a rather new term that has been derived from “web log”. You can share your thoughts, almost in realtime with the people who read your blog.
As an internet marketer, you should extend this line of thought about what is blogging and see how it can make you money.
When you make posts in a blog, they are usually arranged in reverse chronological order. While you can change that, it only makes sense that your readers would want to read the latest news.

What is blogging for internet marketers
For you, blogging is a platform where you can share tips within your niche, and reviews of affiliate products (or some promotion of your own products). Think about it. If you usually provide value to your niche readers, don’t you think that they will trust your review on a certain product that can solve their problem (and eventually make a purchase?)? You bet they will!
Not only this, you can also use it as a list building machine. On your sidebar, you can have an opt-in form promising them a free gift in exchange of their email address. Why? Because now instead of waiting for them to get on your blog to market them, you can contact them whenever you want by just shooting them an email!

Taking it to the next level
Blogging should also be used to build a relationship with your market. Trust me; it’s great to be known as the “go to” person in a certain field. People will leave comments on your blog telling you to “please create a product on X”, where X is a certain problem they want to get rid of.
And even if you are lazy, you can just reply them with a “Even though I’m planning to write an ebook on this soon, you may want to check this out as I believe it’s got the answers you need”.
So, what is blogging for you? Yeah, it’s a money making machine.

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