Monday, March 21, 2011

Four considerations when choosing CPS merchants.

1. Web hits
Web hits is an important factor when measuring a website. For affiliates who want to make money from affiliate programs, it should be their first concern. So how to judge whether a website has large hits or not? Firstly, you can affiliate with a famous brand like It guarantees you that people will click your banners or links. Secondly, you can choose a website which has regular promotion activities. Buyers like promotions. You won’t worry about updating your banners or links to attract more visitors when you affiliate with a merchant who often offers a discount. On, you can always find items on sale or items at discount. We are a company which follows the fashion trend closely and our marketing team is excellent at activity planning. Promotions on our website show up almost on a daily basis, which consistently gives our customers surprise.

2. Turnover ratio
Turnover ratio is another concern but is far more important than web hits. No turnover, no commission. So it is advisable to affiliate with a website that has high turnover ratio. You can’t know the turnover is high or low, but you can make a guess through their product category. In most cases, a company with various products always has high turnover ratio because customers have more choices. They can always find what they like and make an order. On, you will find that we have long product line. As a matter of fact, most visitors will buy after viewing our products. We have high turnover ratio.

3. Commission ratio
For affiliates, they are most interested in commission ratio because it decides how much they will earn. In their minds, the higher commission ratio, the more commission. That’s understandable. But the real situation can’t be that easy. offers affiliates 5% commission ratio of each item price, which is very high since the price of our products is factory price. And it’s still on the rise as our business expands. We can’t promise our affiliates earn a big fortune by joining our affiliate program but we promise you get what you deserve.

4. Reliable affiliate system
Have you ever considered the reliability of an affiliate system? No one wants to work with a company whose affiliate system can’t be trusted. Affiliate parties like CJ, Linkshare have advanced affiliate systems which you can trust. If you choose to affiliate with, we guarantee affiliates that our system works efficiently. We will never lie to our affiliates. Trust is mutual and earned. We are aware that in order to earn our customers’ trust we must do our best to show that we can be trusted.

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