Friday, March 18, 2011

How to start making money by doing affiliate programs?

In this issue, I will cover some tips for new affiliates. Some of them come from our affiliate program team, others come from the internet. Hope you can get value in it.

1.       How to choose an affiliate program?
The internet is now flourishing with free or charged affiliate programs. For those who just decided to join one they must feel lost and confused for not knowing how to choose. If you don’t want to pay before starting making money, you can choose free affiliate programs. In that case, don’t go affiliate websites like Commission Junction, they charge. You can go to a website and see if they have offered an affiliate program. If they did, you can easily find it on the hope page. Then get in touch with them and ask how to be their affiliates. For example, if you buy on, you will find our affiliate program on the navigation bar. If you want to affiliate with us, click you mouse and get it started.

2.       How to start affiliate program?
To do affiliate program, a platform is must needed. It can be a page on social networking like Facebook, Myspace, or a personal blog, a website and a forum. I will take affiliate program at as an example. Followings are suggestions for how to use these platforms to earn money:
*You can put pictures of new products on your page, or if you like, you can write a review. Remember, no matter what you do, your purpose is to get your visitors to buy the products. We already have affiliates who love showing their own pictures in fashion dresses and get lots of funs. *You can write an article about your shopping experience and put a text link in the article. If you are good at creative writing, you will soon enjoy the benefits your gift brings you. Sounds very exhilarating right? All you have to invest is only couples of hours every day.
*Are you an active community member? I guess the majority of us visit forums quite often. Forum is one of the best methods of internet marketing. Learn how to use it will bring you unexpected fortune.
*Create your affiliate marketing blog. You set up a blog with posts, tutorials, videos etc. And then in your side bar, you can have small promotions for affiliate products. And you may do a review of some products and leave your affiliate links in the post so that they can buy if they want to. Of course, you need to invest time to set it up and post content etc. Having an affiliate marketing blog does not mean setting up a quick blog and then posting “buy this, buy that” everyday! And this doesn’t work anyway! What works instead is showing that you have a genuine knowledge in your niche. The idea here is to show your expertise to your target readers so that when you review a new product or recommend one, they feel that they have to buy it.

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to do affiliate program. No matter what kind of way you choose, one thing for sure is that you have to do it consistently so it will work for you.

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