Friday, December 23, 2011

Wu Chen ---Famous Ancient Town of China

Several weeks ago, I went a trip to Wu Chen, one of the most beautiful ancient town in China. When I was not here in Hang Zhou, I heard about Wu Chen often, and knew that it's one of the best place to go in China. Until weeks ago, I realized my Wu Chen dream. I was really attracted by its beauty. It's not like the shining beauty, but something makes you feel the real world through your inner heart.

I arrived at Wu Chen in the evening with my friends, and it was almost 9 p.m. The tour guide told us, we could enjoy the Wu Chen Night. She was not lying, its night was truly alluring. I could even find any words to describe it. I took so many pics, and here I 'd like to share with you. But I don't have a good camera, and it was night then, the pic may not be so clear.

And the other day, we went to another spot in Wu Chen.

This is a kind of local food, and the chief was making it. I think it's so amazing!!

I think many of you may travel in China one day, and I recommend Wu Chen to you!!
I find some pic taken by real photographers, and you may want to have a look~~.

Besides the scenery, I really would like to share something special with you. It's the work of art in Wu Chen.
I did't  take any pics of them, 'cause there were so many stuff .... 
But I surprisingly found some similar stuff  on our site. I am not advertising here, :D

I really love the style. It seems that they can take me to another ancient world to feel, to see the history of China.
Walking in the road of Wu Chen, my heart was totally in peace. Many memories came into my eyes, and I closed my eyes, seeing my sweet and bitter past. I truly love this feeling.
If one day, you feel tired, maybe you can go to Wu Chen for seeking the real you.

I hope you enjoy all I share with you. and if you want to travel in Wu Chen, maybe I can be your tour guide~~ :) 
Good Day
Enjoy your life~~

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