Monday, February 13, 2012

All roads lead to

Hello, all dear friends~
Today I want to tell you all kinds of “roads” to affiliating with us.
1.       Blog, wordpress, lookbook etc.
We already have had many bloggers affiliating with us, and they really have done a good job.
For boggers, there are 2 ways:
bloggers can apply for free sample, and then write articles about our products.
they can also put our banners on the sidebar of their blog.
Here are some of our partners:
2.       Facebook, Twitter, tumblr etc.
All these three ways are social Medias, attracting most people all around the world. So, you can easily get much attention.
Many people, including myself, love to browse on these sites to get more information or just have fun. So you can make good use of it.
Facebook personal page or community page is a good platform to do affiliate marketing.
3.       Forums
A large amount of people really like to make friends on forums, and they usually get a lot from it. So as an affiliate marketer, forums are your must to go.
You can post our products or your sincere feeling about our site on forums, and chat with your fans, telling them how to buy clothes with good price and quality.
Here’s our best partner:
4.       Pictures sharing websites.
There are also many popular pictures sharing site for us to sharing our products with your affiliate ID. What you just need to do is to enjoy and sharing.
Here are some good sites for you:
You can also find some better sites yourself.
5.     Online  Store
This is really a big deal to affiliating with us.
You need to create an online store first. All profiles and images can be got from our site after you got our permission.
In this case, you will save a lot of money and earn more.

Ok, I am done here~
If you are ready, just join us.
If you are confused, just talk to us:

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