Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chinese Lantern Festival

Hello, fri~
Today,lunar 15th Jan. is the Lantern Festival of China,which is a very important festival after the Chinese New Year.
The Lantern Festival origins about two thousand years ago. At that time, there was a Buddism religious ritual that buddists would look at the figure of the budda with reverence and light lantern to worship them on the lunar 15th Jan. The emperor then advocate Buddism, so at that day, he ordered to light lanterns all around the Palace and cities to show his repect to the Budda. After that, the Lantern Festival became a big feast in China.
There are also some other legends about its origin. But for now, we are just celebrating it as a carnival.
There are a lot of celebrating ways, and I will introduce some of them to you~
Decorating with Lanterns
Lanterns will be seen every where at that day~

Guessing Lantern Riddles
People will write riddles on lanterns for others to have fun. Some of the riddles are really hard.

Playing Dragon Lantern
It’s a show actually~

Playing Lion Dance

Eating Sweet Soup Balls
Those balls are really delicious, for there are many stuffing in them~~If you come to China, it’s a must to try it~

No matter how to celebrate the festival, I think, the most important thing is that we can stay together with our families and friends to go through some beautiful time.
We are happy today, and How about you?~

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