Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Run Your Own Blog Part III

Today, let’s come to the second step on how to run your blog---layout design.
Layout design is not so important compared with your content, but it helps more when people come to your blog and read your articles. Think about it now that whether you will stay over one minute on a blog which is a complete mess.
My suggestions on layout design are as follows:

1.       Typesetting

Let’s see two examples:


Tell me which one you prefer.
Too many words may fail the interest of the readers, and blank will relieve that sense.

2.       Pictures setting

 I don’t have much to say about this one. Just make your pictures in high definition, good taken. And     when you put the pictures in your articles, make sure that they are in suitable size and match your article. By the way, it’s much better to put the pictures in the middle of you blog.

3.       Avoid too many advertisements

I know, you may want to make money or be sponsored by a lot of advertisers, but it’s really not suggested to put many advertisements. People here coming to your blog are not all customers. Choose advertisers who you really believe and choose stores which you really love. If people get what they want from your advertisements, they will come back often to your blog to see whether there are other favorites they can find.

4.       Whole match

In blog, we can choose the background. After you choose the background, all your blogging, pictures and advertisements should match with it.

In fact, it’s all about flattering people’s eyes, so you need sharp and picky eyes first. What I talked about above are just little details, but detail decides success or failure.
Hope these tips are useful to you.

To be continued… …

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