Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Run Your Own Blog Part IV

Title and layout of blog are important, but it’s well known that content is the king. No matter how good your title is, how attractive your layout looks, if what you write are just for yourself, why others come to your blog?

To answer this question, you should know what readers want from your blog.
1.       Something useful. If the blog is useless to them, why do they waste time to read it?

2.       Something funny. Life sometimes is 90% boring. People on the Internet are always finding things to entertain themselves.

3.       Something discussible. People need a place to express their ideas about something, so blog can offer it.

Since is a fashion store, then I am just talking about fashion on blog here.
Fashion is really a big topic and there are so many blogs about fashion. You should give readers a reason to come to your blog.

Hereby I have two suggestions for you:

1.       Originality. Don’t copy others’ words to your blog. You should always remember that you are an author, not an editor. If people can read this article from other place, then your blog is useless, or even indecent in their mind.
People don’t want to see the same pics and ideas about fashion on your blog as well as other media. I think as a fashionista, you must have some good ideas on fashion. So just talk about it. Your real and sincere opinions will be useful to others.

2.       Ingenuity. The rarer a thing is, the more it is worth. If your blog is unique, your will own all advantages. People can just find something in your blog, and this will make them remember your blog. Your unique image is shaped in their mind.
For fashion, you don’t need to talk about all aspects. It’s not a good idea to talk about all fashion stuff on your own blog. On one hand, you don’t have so much time to manage it; on the other hand, you cannot make others remember you easily. My suggestion is that just choose one aspect you know very well. Some girls are obsessed with shoes, so they can write everything about shoes on their blog. If the shoes blog does well, when people want to buy a pair of shoes, they may think about your blog and go to find some good ideas on it.

OK, let’s end here today.
Any question or disagreements, you can just comment below.

To be continued…. ….

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