Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How to Run Your Own Blog Part VI

This part is to tell you how long should your article be.
Ideas of this part come from a marketer in China. If you can read Chinese, here’s the original link:

Here’s English version for you.
How long should your article be? We should take these factors into consideration.

1.       How long do your readers pay attention to your article?

Generally speaking, people can just focus on something within two minutes, which means, you have only one and a half minutes to talk to your readers. So many editors would limit the articles for people to scan and understand.

2.       SEO

Viewpoints from many SEOers that middle-size article would be better than too long or too short webpage. Of course, no one knows what the perfect size of an article is in Google’s eyes. It’s well accepted that an article should be written from 250 words to 1000 words. But it’s just a reference. Don’t ignore what your readers think about.

3.       Quantity of articles.

There’s a saying that the shorter your article is, the more you can write. So you can get more readers from search engines.

4.       Topic and type.

Topic and type of an article decide the size of it. Reviews should be longer, news should be shorter, and IT articles should be much shorter.

5.       Long enough to express your topic.

No matter how long you are about to write, you should only remember to completely explain what you want your reader to know.

Long article is for tasting, while short for thinking.

To be continued… ….

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