Monday, June 25, 2012

How to Run Your Own Blog Part V

Ok, this part seems very simple, but it’s not an easy job to do it perfectly.
When we write some articles, we may refer to something that can link to a page on which there are much more information about it. If your make links in your articles, it will be helpful to your blog.
Search engines think that if a link is quoted by many sites, it would be great. So links with more quotes on other sites are assessed to be better.
For bloggers, you can link your own blog pages to your new articles. Here’s an example:

Look at the red mark. I made the text as “Click here”, and the target link is
You can see the url, it belongs to this blog. I just made one link here, but it would be of great use.
You may ask, are links the more the better?
The answer is no. What you should do with inner links is to put them correctly.
Just be aware of inner links when writing articles, you will gain a lot.

To be continued… ….

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