Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to do affiliate marketing on Forums Part I --- Find what you want.

Hello again, all affiliates.

Today I am gonna tell you some suggestions on how to do affiliate marketing on Forums.

Let’s start from the first step--- find the forum.

Before you search the forum you want, you should know what kind of forums you want. For example, you are the affiliate of wholesale-dress.net, so you should find forums about fashion and shopping, or some other keywords about fashion and shopping.

Here I tell two simple ways to search forums you want.

1.       Search “inurl”. Generally speaking, url means the domain of a site, which simply tells people what the site is about. For instance, search “inurl:forum”, you will find sites with forum in their urls.
2.       Search “intitle”. Title of a site is to tell you what the site is. Search “intitle:fashion”, you will get sites about fashion.

It’s really easy to search what you want.
When you get so many results, you can have a check and find some high activity forums to start your business.

I hope it would be helpful.

To be continued… …

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