Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Forums Part II—How to Start Your Business

When you find a good forum, you should start to manage your image in this Forum.

Here are my tips for you:

1.       No commercials or ads

Commercials may provoke other members’ aversion, and it would be useless or even harmful for you to start your business in this Forum. What’s more, webmasters of forums will delete your commercials and ban your ID if you spread many ads there.

2.       Join discussions and give advice.

At the very beginning, you can start with discussing in others threads. Giving your sincere and helpful advice is a good way to build your image in the forum. Once your image is established, others will find you.

3.       Put your ads in signature

Signature is a good place to promote your goods. But it should be impressive. Also, if you have some big promotions, express it clearly in your signature.

Forum marketing is not an easy job. It needs your time and energy. So keep fighting~

To be continued… …

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