Monday, July 30, 2012

How Do Webmasters Make Money

Ok, let’s go to the topic.
I have two ideas here:

1.       Ads
Ads… I guess you don’t need my words to understand what it is. But you should notice something:
A.      There is something special on your site to attract easy traffic.

B.      Your site is able to attract valuable traffic.
The wider your topics are, the lower your ad-rate. If your site can attract some fixed audiences who have strong purchase power, advertisers will be likely to pay more advertising fee on your site.

2.       Affiliate Program
There are some other ways of ads, like affiliate program. There are many payment types of affiliate program, such as CPC, CPM, CPS, and CPL and so on. If your site can attract large amounts of traffic, you can try CPC. In my opinion, CPS is a good way. If your site can attract certain group of people, you can do CPS.

These two ways are not contrary, so you can try both to test which one is better.

To be continued… …

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