Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Forums--Attract Your Readers

Hello again! ~
Today I am gonna tell you some methods of writing posts to attract forum member.

1.       Story telling

What’s event marketing? It’s very simple to understand. Just dramatically tell stories in your real daily life. Let’s see an example here:

Title: Because of a dress, I find something I should have never known.
Post: I’ve never expected something like this one happening in my life. Several days ago, my husband bought a dress for me, which really surprised me. I felt so happy at that time. Yesterday, I go shopping with my best friends wearing the dress. When we were in a clothing store, I found the same dress as the one I was wearing. And the shopping guide told me that the dress was on sale, and we could buy one and get one for free. I didn’t why then, but I felt uncomfortable. When I got home, I asked my husband about the dress. I never thanked his frankness so much. He admitted that he had another woman… …now I don’t know what to do. Leave him or let another woman go… …

This is not my story… I have to tell :p  however, it will attract many people to read it. People are all like children, loving story telling J
In your post, don’t need to show the dress, but others may ask for the pic of the dress. Of course, buy one get one for free is just an example. You can have other better ideas.

2.       Others’ experiences.

It’s another type of storytelling, which is telling others’ stories. Ok, let’s look at an example again.

Title: One of my friends received a package from abroad, but … …
Post: days ago, one of my friends received a package from abroad, but….she never bought anything from abroad. She unpacked the package and found it was that dress she was dreaming of for a long time. It was really a surprise! And she also found something else in that package---an exquisite box. She opened it… …

Ok, let’s end here~ you can continue the story with your ideas.

3.       Help!

Ok, last type here! – ask for help!
Title: Has anyone bought clothes in this shopping store? I need some advice… …
Post: I am going to attend my friend’s wedding, and I am the bridesmaid. I need a beautiful dress badly! I found this site, and really love their dresses. But I don’t know how the site is. Anyone has ever bought on this site, please give me some advice~  Thanks

Ok, end here today~

To be continued… ….

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