Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Use Blog Comment to Drive Traffic?

When it comes to blog comment, Many fashion blogger are likely to believe the more fans they have , the more comments will be, May be it is not. To drive traffic, high quality content is the key condition, then how to use blog comment to drive traffic? Here are some tips for you:

1. Share your blog post on social media
When you complete a piece of post, remember to Share your blog content on face book, twitter or other social media, which will get content spread, the comment will get in automatically.

2. Provide a call to action
Some people will not comment unless you get them to do. So it is better to write a call to action at the end of your article that tells readers to leave feedback or questions.

3. Reply to all the comments on time
If you reply to the comments promptly, other readers will think that you are very concerned about the conversation and they will be more linclined to ask other questions too.

4. Reply to comments with another question
When you reply to a comment, you had better reply with questions so that you will get another response and more comments.

5. Use complete sentences in your comments
Make sure you know what your keyword is before you respond with your comment ,then answering in complete sentences will give you a reason to use your keyword more often naturally.

6. Focus on your blog content.
The last but not least, it seems like many blogger writer will leave meaningful comments to others’ comment, it is important to drive your reader’s focus on your blog content, not other aspect when you reply to readers.

So what do you think about my tips? Do you have other advice about blog comment? Please leave comment to let me know.   

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