Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Use SEO Tips to Drive Blog Traffic?

As we have known, traffic play an important role for bloggers in running a blog, there are variety of ways to increase traffic, we have covered 'How to Use Blog Comment to Drive Traffic 'before, in this section, we will talk about some ways to drive blog traffic by using SEO tips.

1. Write Suitable length: It is necessary to write long enough and meaningful post for reader and search engine to know what you are talking about, so that search engine can crawl your content easily.

2. Creat Original artical:It means your artical can’t be copied from other place before you published, search engine is always give priority and high score to original article.

3. Embed Keywords on Blog Post Title: An appealing title is important when post an article, but if you can embed some suitable keyword on your title, it will more easily for search engine to crawl.

4. Use Internal Linking: When you create a piece of new post, you had better link to older posts in your new post. If you can offer useful content through an internal link, Not only does internal linking help search engine remember the post, but it can also improve the user experience.

5. Insert Image to Blog Post: When you upload an image to use on your blog and insert them into your blog post, make sure to add Alt-Tag for the image and description. It will be helpful in increasing the display chance of your blog post.

Do you have any other ideas about driving traffic? Don’t hesitate to leave comment to let us know!

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