Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jolly Affiliate Program Launched On July 22

A new affiliate program is launched on July 22, 2013, which is called Jolly Affiliate program.

What's Jolly Affiliate program?

Jolly Affiliate Program is supported by Zhejiang Jolly Information Technology Co., Ltd.

What's Jolly Affiliate Program for?

1. ------ Products include high-quality fashion apparel for women and man, brands apparel, bags etc.

2. ------ Products include faucets,lighting, home decorations, kitchen, bath, bedding etc.

3. To be continued......

Why Choose Jolly Affiliate Program?

Competitive Turnover Rate & High Rewards

--- All products from our stores are high-quality and high prices, which means that customers will come back again to buy and the price of per customer transaction is so high that affiliates can get a high commission from orders.

Attractive Commission Ratio

--- Commission ratio starts from 8%, which is very competitive in this field.

Rich Product Resources

--- Now we have apparel and home products, and will have more different products in the near future.

High Security Insurance

--- We have so many products to promote and we need you affiliates, so you don't need to worry about the commission you have earned from our affiliate program. We swear to god that we will give you all commission you earn. We are trusted. Just give us a chance to enrich your career.

Just Give us A chance to enrich your career!

Join Us Now and start to make money online!

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