Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Join Jolly Affiliate Program?

Jolly Affiliate Program welcomes all people who want to make money online!

Steps to join Jolly Affiliate Program:

Username” must be a valid email address. You will need it to receive your password of the affiliate account.

First Name””Last Name” is your real name, generally speaking. But if you don’t want us to call your real name, net name will also be welcome.

Referrer ID” is the unique affiliate ID used in your affiliate links, which is for tracking orders you refer to our merchants. You can choose what you like here, just make sure you can remember it.

Weburl” is the website where you will promote our products. If you are a webmaster, submit your site url. If you don’t have a site on your own, just let us know where you will promote our pruducts.

Country” is where you are from. Maybe we will visit you in your country someday.

Agreements” is all terms and conditions you should obey in your promotion. Clicking it means you agree on all terms there.
Ok, click “Signup”

2.       You will receive a message with your account name and password if you give us a valid email in the username. Use it to login here:
3.       When you login, you will enter your affiliate member center.

Ok, let’s end here today.
After all steps above, you have registered to be an affiliate of Jolly Affiliate Program successfully.
Next post, I will tell you more about the affiliate member center. 

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