Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Know More About Jolly Affiliate Program

In this post, let’s go to other parts-- Report, which is also very important in your affiliate marketing.
Login your affiliate member center, and click “Reports”.
Six parts here---Quick Stats, Trends report, Commissions, Raw Clicks, Payouts to me, Channel stats report.
Let’s see them one by one.
Quick Stats
There’s a filter above all stats, click advanced filter, you can see:
Select the campaign, destination url or date, you will see according stats below.
Clicks means amount of clicks on your affiliate links.
Impressions means amount of displaying of your affiliate banners or links.
CTR (click through rate) =clicks/impressions.  (the percentage should be bigger if you want a good sales.)
Raw means the visitor is new to your affiliate banners.
Unique counts the unique visitors. If a visitor clicks your affiliate link four times a day, clicks will be 4, but unique will be 1.
Declined means some clicks are invalid because of some reasons.
Sales counts show sales and conversion ratio.
Sales are amount of the sales you refer.
Conversion ratio =sales/clicks
Pending means we haven’t do the data corrections, and all commissions from orders are not be corrected with right status.
Declined means orders are not paid, and so the commission is invalid.
Approved means we have given the commission to your affiliate account. Paid means we have give the commission to your PayPal account or western union. Unpaid means the money is still in your affiliate account and you can withdraw it into your own account on 15th –20th of every month.
Here, because we only accept CPS, so you just need to see Sales and Avg Commission Per sale.
Pending, declined, and approved have the same definition in Sale counts.

We don’t allow multi-tier now, so you can just ignore the part.

Trends report
In this part, you can also use filter to choose what you’d like to see.
Here, you can see the trend of your promotion. According to the trend, you can adjust your promotion.

You can see orders you refer to us here.

Raw Clicks
You can see new clicks information here.

Payouts to me
You can see record of payment to you here.

Channel stats report
If you set up some channels in ad channel, and promote your affiliate links with channel parameter, you will see the report here.

Next part—Tips
Here we give you some tips about how to promote our products and how to do affiliate marketing.
We hope you can make money online with us.

In FAQ part, we prepare some general questions here. If you have other questions, just click next part—contact us and send us an email. We will reach to you as soon as possible.

Panel settings is the theme you affiliate panel use.

Click the next part—Your name,
You can change your information include password here.

At last, click Logout to keep your account safe when you leave your affiliate member center.

All introductions to the affiliate member center are here.
If you have any other questions, just contact us.

Join us and start to make money online now.

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