Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Get Banners & Customize Tracking?

In last post, I introduced “home” and “profile”. Now let’s go to the hot part—Promotion.
Login your affiliate member center and click “Promotion”, you will see four parts there: Campaigns, Banners&Links, Ad Channels, Advanced Tools.


You will see two campaigns here:, it has 22 banners now; it’s CPS and commission ratio is 8%. And “the campaign is active, you are approved” means you can promote this campaign to make money.
It is the same as

Here you can evaluate which campaign is better for you to make money online.
Click “22banner” in, you will see all banners from this campaign.


You can use the filter to choose what you want to search. 
Ok, let’s see how to get the banner code:

At the top of the image banner, you can see all information about it. Like, commissions, target url etc.
Click the button”Get banner code” in the red frame, you you will see the code below it:

Copy and paste it into your website, and that’s ok.

Now we have three types of banner: image banner, text link and flash banner.
There’s also rotator banner in image banner. It consists of several image banners. When people reload the page, she will see different image banner.

Ad Channels

It’s an important part for your analysis of your promotion.
For example, if I have three websites, and I want to know which site refers the most sales or clicks. Then I will use Ad channels to add some parameters in my affiliate links for tracking.

Set the channel name and code (code is used in the affiliate link)
How to add channel parameter to your affiliate links? There are two methods:
1.       When you get your banner, set your filteràchannel as the channel you want to add to your links.
2.       Add channel parameter in the links by yourself, just need to add “&chan=your channel name” in the affiliate link you get from “get banner code”.

Advanced Tools

You will see two parts here: Afflinkprotector and SubIDTracking.

Protect your affiliate links using this tool. This will prevent anybody from striping off your affiliate ID from the link.

You can track every placing of your link using additional parameters that can be appended to the link. Then view the results in SubID report.

Understand better about Jolly AffiliateProgram now?
Go and get your banner code to promote and make money online now!

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