Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Home" and "Profile" in Jolly Affiliate Program

I have talked about how to join affiliateprogram in last post. Next, let’s take a tour in the affiliate member center.

In this post, I will talk about “Home” and “My Profile”.

Login here with the account and password you receive when you register

You will see “Home” “My Profile” and others on the left bar.

See General (Your) Affiliate Link::

This link: is your general affiliate link. You can also replace the url with other links in sites and “test” here is the referrer ID when you sign up. This link is the simplest affiliate link, because it just includes one necessary parameter which is your referrer ID. You can just use it to start your affiliate marketing. But for better analysis and marketing optimization, it’s better to use more parameters in your affiliate links.

Beside general affiliate link, you can see your balance on the right.
Unpaid Commissions (approved / pending): $ 0.00 / $ 0.00 (Last 30 Days

It just shows unpaid commissions here, which means you have those commission in your affiliate account, but you haven’t get it in your pocket. “Approved” means orders you refer are paid and we have give these commissions to your affiliate account, “Pending” means we haven’t correct the order status.

In this page, you can also see a quick report about “commissions” “conversion rate” “clicks” “impressions” etc. News are here for noticing what’s new here.

“My Profile”
You can see four settings here: “Personal details””Payment details””email notification””Themes”. And you can also see how to use them on the page.

“Personal details”
You can change your name, email address, website URL, and other personal information here.

”Payment details”
Configure how you want to be paid and your minimum payout balance.

”email notification”
Configure receiving email notifications about events in the affiliate program, such as new sale

Select your preferred theme for your affiliate panel.

It’s easy to follow 
I will use one post to introduce the part “Promotion” in next post, because it’s really very important.

Join us and start to make money online now!

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